Inspiration v. Expiation


Inspiration, as defined by Webster states, a) a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation….. b) the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions…

Inspire, is defined as, a) to influence, move or guide by divine or supernatural inspiration…… b) to communicate to an agent supernaturally….

Inspirational speeches are quite often expressed, tutored, sought after, and readily heard…. However, it’s seldom to hear an expiatory remark….. HUH

It’s interesting that Webster associates inspiration as divine, or do they? Webster supports three different definitions of divine.. 1) of, relating to, or proceeding directly from God, or a God (Deity)…. 2) Clergyman, Theologian… 3) to discover by intuition or insight …….

Divinity, is a divine being, as: God, or Goddess, yet Divination is the practice of foreseeing the future using omens or by the aid of supernatural power’s….

We all need to understand that all of mankind will either gain their inspiration from either their chosen deity, or from the supernatural arena….. That being as it may, there are just as many Gods (worldwide), as there are supernatural superstitions…..

Therefore, regardless of our personal believes that inspire all of us, expiation must accompany any and all inspiration, equilaterally…

Expiation is, a) the act of making atonement, b) the means by which atonement is made….

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…. In fact, one can judge the depth of their actions, based upon the intensity of the reaction it receives….. Yet, how often do we hide behind an explanation, rather then an expiation…..

For centuries our leader’s, whether they be monarch’s, dictators, clergy, democrats, or republicans, have lead us with explanative excuses for their faults…. Rather then an expiatory course of action….. And as mindless sheep we have followed their example….

Atonement is as necessary a factor as the air we breath in order to sustain life…. All religious factors believe that their deity will in one way or another meet them, provide for them, accept them, grant them favor’s, upon receiving the individuals soul once it has left behind it’s embalmed carcass….. And the supernatural story were accustomed to, also relays an eternal spirit or soul…. And all this is free…. No charge….. Do as you want, do as you please, with no consequential liability imposed? Are we really that naive….

Since a definitive meeting is destine for each and all of us before whatever pearly gates we subscribe to, would not the prudent course of action be to have atoned as we went along, rather then attempt to atone for a lives worth of damages, at the end of that life…

While the rest of you are standing in line, correcting all the errors you’ve reported in your final atonement, I’m inspired by the fact that I’ve practiced expiation on a daily basis, and will be ushered right on thru those gates…. HUH


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